Today we start planting trees!

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We are excited to announce that today is the start of our tree planting campaign.  We will be doing through our partnership with Plant-It 2020.

The plan is simple.  Through Plant-It 2020 we will have a tree planted for every pair of sunglasses or shirt that we sell.  

We will begin the tree planting campaign primarily through Oregon and Washington, but depending how successful we become, hope to move into California as well.  

We are hoping to plant 10,000 trees by then end of this summer.

Help us reach our goals!

Benefits of planting trees include:

- Absorption of pollutant gasses and odors

- Adds Oxygen to the air

- Combats the "greenhouse" effect

- Reduces soil erosion

- Reduces Water Pollution

- Absorbs dust and heat

- Provides natural habitats for animals

These are just a few of the many other benefits of planting trees in both urban and forest settings.

The world is a better place with more trees in it and that is our goal. 

We want to help make this world a better place and this is where we are starting.   


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